Our project

Canonball was born as a space to discuss, critique and honor the works of female writers. As such, at the heart of our blog is a feminist book club, where, every few weeks, we chose a new book to read and write about together. While Canonball’s focus is on the experiences of reading and writing as women, we also write posts on movies, music, television and anything else that has us scrawling out essays on napkins during our lunch breaks – all from an intersectional feminist lens. The name Canonball comes from our desire to break down barriers to discussing gender and misogyny, while also challenging the prevailing (white, male) literary canon. People of all kinds who are committed to productive conversations about feminism are welcome here.

Our writers

Mia Steinle (@miasteinle) is a journalist and prolific email writer. She lives in Washington, D.C., where she enjoys talking about, and occasionally hosting, feminist pizza parties. She forever has an unwieldy reading list, mostly composed of the kind of books that are made into Masterpiece Theatre miniseries.

Lindsay Zoladz (@seriousglee) is an aspiring something-or-another living in Washington, D.C. On the rare occasions when she is not using cobbled-together scraps of free time to write and read, she likes going to shows, watching movies and scouring the D.C. metro area for greasy diners that remind her of her New Jersey upbringing. She’s also a staff writer at Cokemachineglow.

We also feature posts by regular and not-so-regular contributors.

Our design

In the early stages of the development of this blog, we were inspired by the writings of Christine de Pizan, author of 1405 proto-feminist text The Book of the City of Ladies. Pizan attempted to fight prevailing misogynistic opinion and argued for the education of women by creating an allegorical city, built entirely by strong, accomplished ladies. We pay tribute to her by using her likeness in our design.

Special thanks to graphic designer Jessica Taich for her work on our blog.