Well, after a refreshing break from the Internet (there’s a whole world out there, guys! We never knew!), we’re back. And we have so much great stuff lined up for the new year: so many new topics, a bunch of new contributors, and yes, an insatiable urge to make Canonball business cards. Yesterday we proved how forward-thinking we are going to be in 2011 when we posted some pictures. That’s right. Canonball in 2011: boldly going where other web sites already went back when you still had a Xanga.

But really, was it just us or did those magazine covers we posted yesterday make anyone else kind of bummed out about the mind numbing lack of variety on the cover of women’s mags today? Would we have to travel back in time to see a woman fencing on the cover of Cosmo? Can you imagine Kim Kardashian expertly wielding a foil in front of a Bubblicious-pink background and behind a headline about “25 Orgasmic Secrets that Will Literally Make His Head Explode”? Or perhaps Reese Witherspoon artfully Photoshopped into a Dali painting on the cover of Vogue? Yeah, neither can we. One thing magazine covers have gained in recent years is more diversity — but then again, not nearly as much as we’d like to see. Halle Berry’s September 2010 Vogue cover was notable not just for her enviable Louise Brooks bob, but because she was the first woman of color to grace the cover of a September issue in over 20 years. So, lady mags: we need to see much more of all kinds of diversity, be it diversity of body shape, race, age or represented combat sports.

We’ve got a lot of great stuff lined up for next week. Until then, have a great weekend!