By popular demand: less writing, more pictures.

After our magazine-heavy discussion yesterday , we were inspired to TAKE A TRIP BACK IN TIME to look at some amazing vintage covers of women’s magazines. We could seriously get lost in this for hours, but here’s a sampling of some of our favorites. (And let us know in the comments if you’d like more of these in the future.) All sources can be found by clicking on the covers (again, be prepared to wile away your day).

Harper’s Bazaar, February 1918: Please note the original spelling of “Bazar,” as well as the freaky Dada elements happening here. Also 25 cents? Are we made of money?


Vogue (UK), August 1940: We’re impressed that they figured out how to make Lisa Fonssagrives – who many call the world’s first supermodel into the letter G. Well done, Vogue.


Ebony, April 1962: Not strictly a magazine for the ladies, but if cover stories on birth control and Lena Horne’s Easter hat won’t get us to shell out 35 cents, nothing will.


Woman’s Day, February 1942: Girl, we’ve all been there.


McCall’s Magazine, September 1905: It is Mia’s express request to one day be immortalized behind a ship’s wheel, in this pose, as “The Queen of Fashion.”


Essence, June 1985: Yes. Purple and turquoise was our favorite color scheme as children, and it still holds up. The nerve of Grace Jones!


Cosmopolitan, February 1937: Fierce.


The American Girl, November 1932: This really speaks to us.


Vogue (Paris), December 1971/January 1972: We’re loving the lettering and Marilyn Monroe-Mao hybrid in this Salvador Dali creation.

Ladies’ Home Journal, October 1895: Ladies love communing with nature! We can’t tell you how many covers of these vintage women’s magazines were just drawings of cats. The more things change, the more they stay the same.