Mia has made an astounding number of resolutions this year. Though she’s going to continue telling people in conversation that her only resolution is to “have more fun in 2011.”

For the past 10 years or so, my New Year’s resolutions have been fairly vague and have mostly revolved around my dental health. Will this be the year I floss regularly? Probably not! But 2011 has treated me well thus far, so I am hopeful regarding the following resolutions:

Spend less time on the Internet. I never thought I’d say this! But I need to not spend evenings in 2011 refreshing the blog’s pageviews (Why aren’t you all looking at this blog 50 times per day?), scanning my Facebook newsfeed and rereading old g-chats (Ah, but I’ve had some great ones!). Ideally, I’ll use these countless hours of gained time reading actual books.

Like The Second Sex, which no, I still haven’t finished. This admission is borderline embarrassing, considering what this blog is about. I’m going to do it, though. I’m also going to finish reading the first volume of A la recherche du temps perdu in French, for my edification or whatever. Really, my overarching resolution is: read everything.

Waste less food. I have a bad habit of buying produce that I don’t eat and that I keep in my refrigerator long past its expiration date even though I know it’s expired because, well, if I’m too lazy to eat it, then I’m too lazy to throw it away. No more! Too paraphrase a good friend, “More vegetables, less pizza.” (This resolution does not encompass Jan. 1, 2011, during the course of which day I consumed only pizza.)

Get some awesome Canonball business cards made. This will sustain my secret (or not-so-secret?) fondness for handing out business cards in non-business settings. Everyone will be caught off guard – and charmed! – by my networking abilities.

Be more spontaneous? I don’t know if this is a real resolution or just the kind of resolution I think I’m supposed to make. God knows I can’t do anything without careful planning. Which I think is okay! Us careful planners don’t get enough credit for throwing non-awkward parties and always having tissues or Tylenol when you need them most and generally staving off human extinction. But, you know, if I had planned to wash my hair at 7 p.m., and someone calls up suddenly, wanting to go out at 7:15, which is hardly enough time to dry my hair, I might concede to put off washing my hair until later (even though it will throw off my entire evening). Learning to let go!

So! Readers: what are your resolutions? Are you going to share Canonball with all your friends to put my anxious mind at ease? Are you going to write for Canonball to put my anxious mind at ease? Are you going to start flossing in an attempt to shame me? Are you somehow going to do things that aren’t at all related to me? Share in the comments!