We’re rounding out our Thanksgiving holiday here at Canonball with more input from friends on five things they’re thankful for this year. If you missed it, you can check out yesterday’s lists here. Happy post-Thanksgiving and happy weekend!

Julia Morelli is a lover of British TV and Norwegian films. Her Tumblr is not dedicated to pictures of her cat… yet.

  1. My mother. It’s so cliche, but every day I am thankful for having been raised by an intelligent, confident and supportive woman who maybe didn’t know she was feminist. My mother taught me to relax, to not take shit, and to eat snacks and drink tea whenever possible. She also taught me about condoms WAY before sex ed, introduced me to Dolly Parton and Crystal Gayle and encouraged me to have an extremely active fantasy life.
  2. The Diva Cup. Any woman who’s still using tampons needs to modernize and stop putting bleached cotton inside herself. The Diva Cup costs about $30, lasts 10 years and really gets you in touch with the intimate details of your flow. As far as I’m concerned that’s a good thing. We need to know how our bodies work, ladies!
  3. While we’re talking vaginas here, I’m also thankful for my IUD. Yes, it hurt like heck to get it up in there, but now I’m hormone and condom-free while also being free from the babyterror that constantly paralyzes many of my girlfriends.
  4. Women who sing. I’m partial to the British and Swedish ones, but that’s because I ADORE pop music. Unlike Mia, I’ve always loved female musicians and my iTunes library is packed with old and new ladyvoices. ADELE’s new album, 21, drops on February 22. Until then I’m listening to this on repeat.
  5. I can’t think of one last thing so I’m going to make a list: women friends, furry animals that like to snuggle, whiskey, delicious cheeses and other spreadables, craft projects, cute video games, real maraschino cherries, high quality scented candles, addictive books, things that are sparkly.

In spite of living abroad, Anna O’Neill still insists on keeping up with popular American television.

  1. Liz Lemon, a sister and hero to all of us.
  2. My Mom, who at the age of 55 just joined the Peace Corps and moved to Jordan.
  3. Chalga Music – Electro-pop-synthed traditional Bulgarian melodies with such enthralling lyrics as “Your image is, a le le maiko — Sex, Sex, a le le maiko” (sorry, but not sorry, for the inability to translate that into anything equally impressive in English) and also, “Give me ice.”
  4. Avon – I had no idea that this women-based company spans more than just the States. Maybe it’s just a sign of getting older or perhaps I have started to appreciate the finer things in life, but catalog shopping is a new and favorite pastime that does a lot less damage to my eyes than a computer screen.
  5. Whiskey

Genny Ramos’ favorite Thanksgiving food is stuffing. You can find her on Twitter, @GennyRamos.

  1. Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams’ response to the MPAA slapping their movie, Blue Valentine, with an NC-17 rating.
  2. Maria Bamford
  3. “The Little Things” episode of Freaks and Geeks. I’m thankful for the show in general but this episode in particular makes me sad and mad about its cancellation. In “Little Things,” high school “freak” Ken questions his sexuality and tries to figure out his feelings for his girlfriend, Amy, after she tells him that she was “born with both male and female parts.” The episode was nominated for a GLAAD media award in 2001 for Outstanding TV Individual Episode (In a Series Without a Regular Gay Character).
  4. Erykah Badu! Just listen. There really are no words.
  5. Kulap Vilaysack for co-writing and starring in this comedy short about needing to be the only minority in the room (AKA The Token). Thank you. Just thank you, Kulap.

James Worsdale, former aspiring reality show participant, professional nanny, and aspiring trophy husband, thought about just listing five Academy Award winners that he’s thankful for this year, but upon further consideration, opted to diversify the recipients of his gratitude.

  1. Janelle Monae, androgynous pixie looks, style and moves reminiscent of James Brown, and a concept album of tunes threaded with science fictional references, postmodern neuroses, and feminist insights, this lady’s a musician and entertainer whose intellect and artistic vision put any of her potential contemporaries (cough cough Gaga) to shame. Also her videos are amazing.
  2. Bullying’s entering of national discourse as determined by mainstream media’s coverage. By this I mean that, although the circumstances surrounding it certainly tragic, I’m glad it’s finally been brought to our attentions once again how much damage cruelty and judgment can induce on people, and that productive methods (including Dan Savage’s brainchild “It Gets Better” videos) have come out of it. Mostly I feel like if people are made more aware of how social forces such as homophobia, sexism, racism etc. are manifested in our day to day lives it’ll be easier to rectify and potentially eliminate. It’s just not cool to be a hater!
  3. Diane Keaton. I just love her.
  4. James Franco. Okay okay. People may not feel me on this. But I just feel like he’s given us two of the best magazine covers of the year and has gotten people talking about academic topics generally isolated to groups of people not unlike those who probably read this blog (either that or he’s just got them talking about how pretentious said aforementioned group of people are, but oh well). Above all he’s given us two of the best magazine covers of the year. One stimulating and delighting the queer theory lover in all of us (aside from its further bolstering relevance of misogynist and mostly just tacky photographer Terry Richardson) and one just so sexy that I literally gasped in the Barnes and Noble and clenched it to my chest. Plus I don’t care what anyone has to say about it – Howl was a good movie and I liked the psychedelic, though perhaps excessively literal, illustrative interpretation of Ginsberg’s poem!
  5. “How much to Los Angeles?” “One way or round trip?” “You’re kidding, right?” If that doesn’t mean anything to you just stop reading. Actually don’t. You need to know. Cher is back. Not that she ever left. My Thanksgiving will be composed mostly of three things: pumpkin flavored pastries, wine, and at least two viewings of the assuredly cinematic masterpiece that is, beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful BURLESQUE. Seriously the amount of excitement I’ve generated for this movie beyond irony is embarrassing. It’s like my interest began in my tendency to parody my own hegemonically-homo tastes and revel in all things gay but then at some point it transcended parody and just became real. Last week my boyfriend sat and watched with what started as charmed fascination and probably progressed to deep concern as I made paper plate masks of Cher, Christina Aguilera, Stanley Tucci, Kristen Bell and (the currently irrelevant beyond dating Ryan Seacrest) Julianne Hough that we and our friends could wear to a party we were attending that evening. I told them all that if anyone asked why we were wearing the masks they had to say that it was to promote Cher’s upcoming Oscar winning role as Tess in BURLESQUE and then slightly mumble “In theatres everywhere November 24th” like they do in trailers. But really Cher is an American icon and one who I am very thankful has had the opportunity to return to the big screen, even if it’s alongside the generally disappointing Christina Aguilera. Maybe this will catapult Xtina to the status we always dreamed she’d attain. After all, it takes a legend, to make a star.

Kelsy “the maverick” Yeargain, the Cairo Contingent’s other half.

  1. Kate Bush – Babooshka!
  2. Vices and Decadence – I am thankful for opportunities to be fun and fancy-free.
  3. Laughter – L.O.L.
  4. Trains, Plains, and Automobiles – Transportation provides opportunities.
  5. The People I Love – Because we can listen to Kate Bush while laughing and drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes on a train.

Lindsay “And You’re In My Mirror Because?” Zoladz

  1. The fact that this afternoon I had nothing better to do than watch the National Dog Show on my parents’ large TV, and also giggle at the National Dog Show.
  2. Sady Doyle, in general, but most recently for this.
  3. Kim Gordon circa forever, but mostly for her 1987 Village Voice tour diary “Boys Are Smelly,” which I have read in its entirety upwards of twice this week.
  4. James Worsdale’s above list, especially #5.
  5. You. For reading this blog, for commenting on this blog, for giving Mia and me really excellent feedback on this blog, and in general making the whole experience of writing here a wonderful, communal experience. It’s been a dream so far, and this is only the beginning.