This week at Canonball, we riffed on some of the many themes in bell hooks’ seminal feminist text, Feminism Is For Everybody. One of the most difficult things about fully, actively embracing feminism is realizing that you’ve got to confront your own internalized sexism first — and that being female doesn’t exempt you from that process. As such, Mia’s post about female friendships struck a chord with commenters. Does the pressure to be a “strong, independent woman” lead us to be too hard on our lady-peers? Is that supposedly subversive mantra “I guess I’m just one of those girls who just don’t get along well with other girls” actually pretty sexist? Yeah, we think so.

Mia’s post about female-female friendships is also interesting to compare to Lindsay’s post from a few weeks ago about male-female friendships. Both go to show all the different ways in which society tries to police our friendships — especially on the basis of gender. If you believe the media myth, I guess all girls are supposed to hate other girls and certainly not be friends with guys, unless of course they’re sleeping with them. Which leaves you, if you buy into that, with approximately zero friends. There is a way that we can rebel against all that, of course: just be a good friend. To girls and to guys. Revolutionary, huh?

Starting on Monday, we’ll be posting a week’s worth of pieces on female fiction writers, so start getting hyped about that. Until then, in the fictitious words of Revisionist Feminist Jay-Z, “Thanks for reading Canonball this week. You coulda been reading any blog in the world, but you’re here with us, and we appreciate that.