In light of our link-heavy week, we’ll keep this brief.

A Canonball reader sent us this article from Sociological Images about ESPN’s plan for a new women’s channel. Women constitute nearly half of football and baseball fans, as well as 36 percent of professional men’s basketball fans, The New York Times reported. So what will a channel aimed at women offer? More pink?

Responses have been mixed, with some excited at the idea of women’s sport, and female sports fans, being taken seriously, and others fearing it’ll be a condescending attempt that will serve to segregate those groups from “regular,” i.e., men’s, sports and fans.

Prompted by the news of Ginni Thomas asking Anita Hill to apologize to her husband Clarence Thomas this week, Becky Sharper of The Pursuit of Harpyness reflected on watching Hill’s testimony on TV as a 12th grader in 1991:

There was no doubt in my mind that Anita Hill was telling the truth. As a teenage girl, I knew how gut-wrenching it is to speak the truth about being bullied, about creepy behavior, about people taking advantage. I believed her because I knew that nobody would line herself up for that kind of scrutiny and abuse unless she was either telling the truth or straight-up insane. Anita Hill was obviously not insane, and she was no liar. The (white) men on the Senate Judiciary Committee may not have known this, but I knew it when I was sixteen years old.

Join us next week for SPOOKY FEMINIST HALLOWEEN TALES, whatever that turns out to be.