Welcome to Canonball, a blog about reading, writing and feminism. The idea to create this blog stems from a discussion the two of us had over tea and cookies during the first meeting of our recently-formed feminist book club. We realized that we were frustrated with the misconception that feminism is obscure, obsolete, or just plain difficult to jump into. The best way to combat this idea, we decided, was to get other people (as in: you!) involved in these discussions. We’d share the tea and cookies too, could we find a way.

This is why we believe this project is important: most of our education, whether formal or informal, glosses over women’s experiences. These days, a lot of little girls are told they can grow up to do anything, and that’s great, but for every word of encouragement they receive, there are ten social studies lessons that reinforce the idea that history was made solely by men. For every Brontë novel they read in school, there’s Hemingway, Fitzgerald, Dickens, Joyce, Poe and so on – we’re not saying male authors and history-makers don’t deserve praise, but we want to expand the canon to include more women’s voices and women’s stories.

This is how it’ll work: As we read and talk our way through the feminist canon, we’ll do our best to summarize the basic ideas from our book club selections, as well as apply them to contemporary life. In our efforts to bolster female writers, we’ll also highlight women who have contributed to fields like journalism and film. Additionally, we’ll feature guest posts written by women and men (yes, even those guys) talking about their experiences reading and writing about women.

We have a full week of posts lined up, so check back daily. If you’re interested in submitting a guest post, you can email us at thecanonball@gmail.com. Otherwise, let us invoke the spirit of 14th century feminist pioneer Christine de Pizan when we say, “Let’s do this thing.”

– Lindsay ‘n Mia